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Pouscheno Background Information

(Bufskoto Oro)
(Macedonia, Greece)

Pouscheno, Leventikos, Berance


Poushteno means a dance letting go or released.  Slavic Speakers also call it (Poushnoto an alternate grammatical form). 

Greek speakers call it Levendikos, dance of the brave or heroes, or Litos (similar meaning to Poushteno). 

It is characteristic of the Lake Prespa region of western Macedonia, from Florina, Kastoria and Kozani in Greece to Bitola in Macedonia. 

Its 12/8 rhythm, although challenging for non-Macedonians, is endlessly delightful once learned; its simple pattern is capable of endless subtle variations. 

The leader may either float along or indulge in gymnastic stunts, with any number of gradations in between.  This is a dance that well repays study at every level.

--- Dennis Boxell ---