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Hoe Ana Te Vaka Lyrics

Hoe Ana Te Vaka
(Raratonga Islands)

Hoe Ana Te Vaka
(Row the Canoe)

Hoe Ana
(Tahitian Words)
Hoe Ana
(English Translation)
Part 1 - Slow Music (3/4 meter) Part 1 - Slow Music (3/4 meter)

Nga pua ariki te vaka korua*

This Canoe(s) named "Nga Pua Ariki" (The Royal Flower) that is ours*

Te tere mai nei haviiki e

Travels this way from Havaiiki (the legendary land of all Polynesians)



E rere tu na i o nei

There it is [our destination]

I Papeete roa**

As we row towards Papeete**

Na te vaka tau fenua e tapiri mai

This / These Canoe(s) from our land that are going to close in / coast along on ....

To tatou fenua

our new land

*Although Nga and Korua both mean dual, the context may be TWO canoes - one named Pua & one named Ariki or possibly one double hulled canoe.

** Undoubtedly, some of the words in Hoe Ana change depending on who is singing and where they are going, etc. For example the hardcopy lyrics I located for Hoe Ana presented this line of the song as "I Rarotonga roa", but the lyrics in this recording are: "I Papeete roa". Papeete is the Capital city of Tahiti.


Part 2 - Slow Music (3/4 meter)

Part 2 - Slow Music (3/4 meter)

Hoe ana, hoe Ana

Row - ing, Row- ing

Hoe na te vaka te vaka nei

Rowing the canoe, this canoe

Haere mai na, haere mai na

Come this way / here to me / here & now

Haere mai e ine ma e

Come here this way


Part 3 - Fast Music (4/4 meter)

Part 3 - Fast Music (4/4 meter)

Hoe Ana hoe Ana te vaka nei

Rowing! Rowing!...This Canoe!

Hoe Ana hoe Ana i te pae

Rowing! Rowing! On the side

Na te pae aue! aue!

On the side! Oh my! Oh my!

Haere a i te ara

Traveling along the way! (or let's go!)