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Dancing Virtually Through These Times

March 14, 2020 Until Further Notice

Additional Information - Tel: (847)-846-8139, (773)-634-9381 -
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Virtual Meeting Room - Purpose, Scope, Objectives (PSOs) [Top]

  • Purpose
    • to provide ways to keep global dance communities connected, active, communicating and vibrant while we are maintaining a safe social distance; and
    • to relieve the stress of having to give up an important activity; and
    • to ease the strain of being somewhat isolated
  • Scope
    • limited to forms of ethnic folk dance, contra/square dance, line dance, swing dance, round dance, for recreation and performance; and
    • dance-related satire/comedy, health/wellness/sanity aspects of dance
  • Objectives
    • having fun
    • socializing with others locally, regionally, globally
    • dancing while exercising the body and the mind
    • learning more about dances, teachers, musicians, singers, ethnicities
    • sharing personal stories, videos, photos, etc. about an activity we love
    • celebrating the diversity of a more global audience beyond the boundaries of our local/regional groups by doing dances we have in common
    • offering opportunities to learn/share from a broader spectrum of dances beyond the limits of our local/regional repertoires

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