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What Is Ethnic Dance Chicago?

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EDC Friday Night Dancing

  • Ethnic Dance Chicago (EDC) is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational community of people who enjoy the dances and music of many countries from around the world.  As our motto indicates, we regard "Dancing As A Second Language".   Ethnic Folk Dancing is a great social mixer and an aerobic workout of which your personal trainer would approve. 
  • Since 1987, EDC has promoted the enjoyment, sharing, understanding and preservation of the dance and music heritage of America's many ethnic groups as well as the for heritage of traditional America's own dance and music. 
  • Join us at our weekly Friday dances.  We offer dance lessons between 8:00pm and 10:00pm.  Ethnic dancing is a lot more than doing the "Chicken Dance" or the "Macarena".  You will learn and enjoy dances with strange names such as Oro, Kolo, Csardas, Drmes, Jarabe, Tsamikos, Halay, Kujawiak, Highlife, Pravo, Debka, Syrtos, Dansul, Krakowiak, Hambo, Jota, Polska, Briul, Ondo, Racenica.  You will also encounter dances with more familiar names such as Schottische, Polka, Reel, Jig and Waltz. 
  • On this website, you will find more detailed information about ethnic dance and music, a schedule of EDC's weekly dances, a regional event calendar, photo and video galleries for your viewing pleasure, a music gallery (with some lyrics) for your listening and singing pleasure, a gallery of music rhythms, a gallery of media artcles about ethnic folk dance and music, and lots more.