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Why Do People Dance?

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Why do people dance?
  • Participating in dance and music celebrations is a strong unifying factor among the many ethnic groups. One of the world's best-kept secrets is that there is a segment of the population that finds its own unity in learning, doing and enjoying the dances and music of other cultures - that is, cultures not necessarily part of their own heritage and experience. 
  • Ethnic Dance Chicago provides a safe haven where all folks (and sometimes their pets too) are accepted and no one has to give up their own ethnicity to participate. Besides, as a participant you can:
    • Keep in touch or re-establish contact with your own roots
    • Learn about dances and songs from different traditions
    • Enjoy the cultural celebrations of others
    • Experience good physical and mental exercise
    • Meet an interesting variety of people you might not otherwise encounter
    • Dare to move to new and unusual rhythms, music and dance forms
    • Get anaerobic exercise
    • Have fun

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