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What are EDC's other activities?

Month-end Parties

  • We celebrate the last dance of each month with a party, where people bring food and beverage to share. On most weeks, participants bring refreshments anyway, and that's allowed. On occasion, we may offer live music for dancing at the parties. On occasion, we may bring in outside catered food for an event.

Group Dinners

  • If Friday night dancing is pre-empted by another activity, we may organize a group dinner at an ethnic restaurant or nightclub, where there is good food, music and entertainment and possibly some ethnic dancing.  We may organize a group dinner for some other excuse. Many ethnic people are surprised (yet pleased) to find that people outside of their own group know something about their homeland and culture.  Recent excursions have included dinners at Turkish, Uzbek, Greek, Japanese, Romanian, Bulgarian and Ecuadorian restaurants in the Chicago Area.

Regional Festivals

  • Ethnic Dance Chicago co-sponsors one of the Midwest's most fun-filled ethnic dance/music weekends, the Door County Folk Festival (DCFF), held in the resort towns of Sister Bay and Ephraim, Wisconsin. The 2010 DCFF dates will be Wednesday through Sunday, July 7-11. Details can be found at:

Weekend Festivals

  • Ethnic Dance Chicago sponsors weekend ethnic dance workshops, dance parties with live and recorded music, dance/music concerts and catered ethnic dinners. EDC will also cancel some dance dates in order to support other groups' events. Be sure to check the EDC Regional Event Calendar for special events and schedule changes: (
    • Folk Ball Festival in Madison, Wisconsin (late January)
    • Balkanske Igre Spring Festival in Chicago (mid March)
    • EDC's Chicagoland Spring Fling (TBA)
    • Regional June Camp in Beloit, Wisconsin (early June)
    • Door County Folk Festival in Sister Bay, Ephraim and Baileys Harbor, WI (early July)
    • EDC's Chicagoland Fall Ball (TBA)

Dance Workshops

  • Ethnic Dance Chicago often sponsors workshops featuring choreographers, instructors, ethnographers, researchers, musicians, singers from the area, from the U.S. and Canada and from overseas.