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Need People to Dance at Your Event?
Dance Plants

    Would you like to make sure that there is dancing at your event such as a birthday party, anniversary or wedding?

    Would you like to get back to your "roots" and experience or share some dancing from your own ethnic heritage?

    Would you like to make sure that when the music starts, there are going to be people dancing?

    Would you like to have your inner group (such as a wedding party) to learn a particular style of dancing for an event?

    Would you like to have people at your event learn some very easy-to-do dances in a party atmosphere?

    Would you like to have people at your fundraising event enjoy doing some very easy-to-do dances as a break?

    Our "Dance Plants" program can help you in a number of ways:

  • Program Formats
    • EDC instructors can teach and coach your wedding party in a number of styles of ethnic folk dance. You may schedule private sessions and/or you may make arrangements for your group to come to our Friday Night dance session(s).

    • As "Dance Plants", EDC dancers can attend your event or reception and help get the dancing going when the music starts. Our dancers can also help others at your event feel more at ease and enjoy the dancing. We can also support the members of your inner-circle group who we have taught and coached earlier.

    • We can work with recorded or live music. We can supply our own sound system or we can coordinate sound with the DJ or orchestra you've already hired. We can also coordinate with band or orchestra that may have hired for your event. We can als help you secure the appropriate musicians or a band or orchestra or DJ for your event.

  • Types of Clients
    • Clients have included: private individuals, associations, clubs, community organizations, public, private and parochial schools (primary and secondary), colleges and universities, churches and religious organizations, corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, etc.

  • Types of Events
    • Events have included: weddings, birthday parties, fundraisers, social gatherings, anniversaries, festivals, retreats, conferences, camps, etc.
  • Examples
    • Teaching ethnic folk dances (Greek, Serbian, Ukrainian, Polish, Klezmer, Israeli, Italian, American, etc.) to wedding parties prior to the event.

    • Teaching ethnic folk dances (Greek, Serbian, Ukrainian, Polish, Klezmer, Israeli, Italian, American, etc.) at events such as receptions, parties, etc.

    • Performing ethnic folk dances at weddings, birthday parties, etc. and inviting the audience to participate in easily accessible dances.

    • Attending weddng receptions as guests of the wedding party and keeping the dance energy level high.

    • Teaching ethnic folk dance and calling contra and/or square dances sessions at conferences, association meetings, retreats, etc.