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The Ethnic Dance Chicago Staff can provide your organization or event with a lively and informative presentation a number of subjects related to ethnic dance, including:

  • The Rationale for Offering Ethnic Dance Programs in the Schools - Pathways to Health, Teamwork and Multi-Cultural Understanding

  • Footprints of International Folk Dance - Pathways to International Travel, Ethnic Cuisine, Recreation, Relationships, Friendships, Careers, Social Networking and Beyond

  • Leadership and Participation in the International Folk Dance Movement - Experience from An African-American Perspective

  • An Outsider's Adventures in Ethnic Communities - Experience from An African-American Perspective

In addition, EDC Staff Members can present topics in a variety of other subject areas including:

  • Making Networking Work - Developing, Managing and Linking Your Personal Network

  • Upsides and Downsides of Virtual Meetings - Why Conduct Web-Based Meetings When You Can Have Bad Meetings Face-to-Face?

    Implementing and Sustaining Technology-Supported Meetings - What Gets in the Way and How to Deal with It?

  • Improving Meeting Productivity - Possibility or Oxymoron?

  • Conducting Virtual Meetings - Moving to a 21st Century Paradigm

  • Decision Cost Analysis - Does Your Organization Understand the Total Cost of Ownership of Critical Collective Decisions?

  • Importance of Communication Styles - Understanding Your Own Style, Your Teams' Styles and How Others May Perceive You

  • Leading to the Beat of Different Drummers - How Leaders and Managers Can Avoid Sabotaging Their Own Programs

  • Building an Innovation Infrastructure - Using Facilitated Thinking Environments

Types of Clients

  • Clients have included: private individuals, associations, clubs, community organizations, public, private and parochial schools (primary and secondary), colleges and universities, churches and religious organizations, corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, etc.

Types of Events

  • Events have included: conferences, seminars, workshops, staff meetings, board meetings, committee meetings, training sessions, etc.

Select Clients

  • Chicago Board of Education (various schools), Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago (Curriculum Development Committee), Toastmasters International Regional Conference, Midwest Adventure Travel Society, Midwest Facilitators Network, Southwest Facilitators Network, International Association of Facilitators, Midwest Society of Professional Consultants, Project Management Institute, National Black MBA Association, American Society for Quality, American Society for Metallurgy, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Cabrini Connections, Tutor Mentor Conference.