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Participant Feedback
I had meant to email you right after we danced with you for Summer Dance. It was such a wonderful evening. You did a super job teaching, and then you stayed and helped everyone remember what to do to the music. It was great, probably the best time I have ever had there. I hope you will get to do at least one evening next year.

Jill Carlson

I meant to write back much sooner.  Wanted to thank you and your group for welcoming us and making dancing with you such a pleasant and satisfying experience.  If we vacation in Chicago again, I'll be sure we make our plane reservations later on Sat. (or on Sun).John has already worn HIS t-shirt and I'm waiting until my friend Teri gets back from Quebec to wear mine.  Have already talked up your group and people sounded like they would look you up if they're in town.

Sincerely, Eileen Menteer

Many thanks for the warm welcome and the follow up e-mail message!  We loved Summer Dance and your program.  I was so impressed with all of the young people who were trying folk dance for the first time.  Congratulations!  We're going back to a really fun Contra dance weekend and then the reality of work!

I hope we can stay in touch and that I'll see you in The Bay Area soon! 

Cheers, Ann Brown

It was nice to meet you, too.  I'm glad to have finally gotten out and started dancing here, and your group has been very warm and welcoming.

I started dancing a VERY long time ago in Detroit.  I have danced in N CA, in Blacksburg VA, and then, for the past 15 years, in MD and the DC area.  I used to do a lot of performing and teaching but have so little free time now that I tend to prefer dancing for pleasure rather than having to worry about all that.  I would also love to find some folks to play music with, but again more for fun than to get into the grind of preparing for performances. 

Jeanne Busch