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Dining Around Chicago
Other Dining in NW Chicago Vicinity - Some May Be Worth A Drive
Bub's 5800 W Irving Park (773)-282-2277 Good Fast Food Plus Excellent Home Made Pierogi
Taqueria Amigo Chino 5601 W Irving Park (773)-685-4374 Mexican, Cuban & Other Latin Sandwiches, Open Late Weekends
Artemio's Tacos 4918 W Irving Park (773)-545-2631 Good Mexican, Open Late Weekends
Las Tablas 4920 W Irving Park (773)-202-0999 Artgentine Steak House
Meisa Cafe 4908 W Irving Park (773)-545-6210 Bosnian & American
Restaurant Bulgaria 4724 W Lawrence (just East of Cicero) (773)-282-0300 Bulgarian & American - NEW
Bowser Dog 4504 W Irving Park   Hot dog stand
Limbo's Pizza 4929 W Irving Park   Pizza
El Ranchito Taqueria 3938 N Cicero (773)-283-3522 Mexican, Open Late
The Burgundy Pancake House 5959 W Irving Park   Standard
Giordano's Pizza 5927 W Irving Park (773)-736-5553 Pizza & Italian
Carrenos Pizza 5739 W Irving Park (773)-282-1177 Pizza & Italian
Wong's Chinese Restaurant 5058 W Irving Park (773)-205-8335 Cantonese, Mandarin
Leung's Chinese Restaurant 5713 W Irving Park (773)-545-4188
Cantonese, Mandarin, Filipino, Lo-Fat, No MSG
Sabatinos Italian Restaurant 4441 W Irving Park   Fine Italian Dining, Reservations Required
Starbuck's 4365 W Irving Park   Coffee & Pastries
Pizza by Alex 5040 W Montrose (773)-427-8900 Pizza & Italian
Bacci Pizza 4367 N Milwaukee (@ Montrose) (773)-304-3000 Pizza & Italian
Hagen's Fish & Shrimp 5635 W Montrose   Deli - Smoked & Fried Seafood
Pete's Pizza 5847 W Montrose (773)-282-5434 Pizza
Dairy Queen Irving & Parkside   Fast Food
McDonald's Irving & Major   Fast Food
Veranda Char House 5700 W Irving Park (Major)   Steaks, Ribs, Fish
Dunkin' Donuts & Baskin-Robbins 5000 W Irving Park   Fast Food
Mucho Gusto 5606 W Irving Park   Mexican Seafood, Burritos, Seafood, Tacos
Little Ceasar's Pizza 5608 W Irving Park   Pizza
I-Hop 4210 N Cicero   Open 24-Hours
Roma's Italian Beef 4237 N Cicero   Italian Beef, Sandwiches, etc.
McDonald's 4230 N Cicero   Drive-In Open 24-Hours