Virtual Dance Room
Anke Koelman
(Adelaide, Australia)
(Dance Instructor/Leader, Virtual Dance Room Team)

Anke Koelman has been actively involved in international folk dance for 45 years, both as a teacher and participant, with a specialty in Balkan and Greek Folk dances. She has attended dance and music workshops in Holland, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and America (Mendocino, Buffalo Gap & Kolo Festival) and has been an active member and teacher with the Adelaide International Folk Dancers for 35 years.

Anke frequently attends ethnic community dances in South Australia and loves the genuine feeling of dance in these cultures. She is a qualified and experienced teacher at secondary and tertiary level and a member of the Adelaide international dance performing group Zhivana.

Anke co-taught an “Exploring Balkan Rhythms Through Dance” Workshop with Rae Marnham at the 2003 National Folk festival and she taught a Greek dance workshop with Apodimi Compania and Dionysus at the 2006 National Folk festival. She has also taught and performed at the National Folk festival in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2016, 2017.