Virtual Dance Room
Roman Kozak
(Omaha, NE)
(Discussion Leader, Costume Book Collector)

Roman Kozak (Omaha, NE) was born in Detroit, MI. His father's family (Ukrainian) had emigrated to the US in 1945 and his mother's family has lived in the US since about 1750.

Roman has always had a fascination with folk costumes and embroidery. His grandmother was an excellent embroiderer, and taught him much. He inherited her collection of Ukrainian Folk costumes and embroidery.

While in college, he started folk dancing in Detroit (Cranbrook) and performed with Oakland University’s Slavic Folk Ensemble.

His love of folk music and costumes music grew with additional dancing and reading. He now has collected a large library of books about folk costumes and has made costumes and embroideries from scratch. In recent years has published over 340 articles about the folk costumes of peoples from around the world in his blog: