Virtual Dance Room
Kathy Molga
(San Antonio, TX)
(Announcer, MC, Spotlighters' Union Local #1, Artist, Virtual Dance Room Team)

Kathy Molga has a lifelong interest in dancing. Starting with classical training in ballet, jazz and tap, Kathy accidently bumped into folk dancing in 1970 on the campus of Princeton University. She fell in love with the rhythms of Balkan music and was hooked. Since then, Kathy has been involved with folk dance groups in Texas, Colorado and California. Kathy has been instrumental in helping put together fundraisers and auctions for scholarships that have supported dancers wanting to attend folk dance camps. In addition to teaching, Kathy has helped with the production of festivals such as San Antonio's recent SAFDF Technical Institute featuring Mihai and Alexandru David. Kathy's first love is Balkan dancing, especially dances from Bulgaria. She started Bulgarian dancing in the 1970s while attending her first Yves Moreau workshop. Since then she has visited many countries in Europe including Bulgaria and has written articles for the NFO Newsletter, Let's Dance and Folk Dance Scene. Her favorite quote is: "Dance is life, and the rest is just stuff you have to do."