Virtual Dance Room
John Parrish
(Oak Park, MI)

John Parrish has been sticking things in his mouth and playing on them from an early age. When he was 10 he got his first goyishe harp from the spouse of his piano teacher who winced and said "Here, why don't you play this instead?" About fifteen years ago he played it for a four day run in an off-Broadway revue. He apprenticed on harmonica at German youth hostels in the 60's and had been invited to teach Swedish folk harmonica at a camp in Sweden. John also plays miscellaneous folk flutes.

He started playing the tapan, which wouldn't fit in his mouth, in the mid 70's, which is what he is now. He picked up the violin about twenty years ago and intends to play it any day now. Actually he goes to group fiddle lessons at camps to learn tunes for his harmonicas and would be better on the fiddle if he opened the case more often. He also sings in a variety of languages, some of which people recognize.