Virtual Dance Room
Patti/Dean Ranger
(San Diego, CA)
(Dance Instructor/Leader, Spotlighters' Union Local #1, Virtual Dance Room Team)

Patti Ranger started dancing in 1978 at UC Santa Barbara, where she met her to be husband, Dean Ranger. (Dean started dancing in 1971 when his high school offered international folk dancing as a PE class.) They married in January 1981 at a big beautiful folk dance wedding where everyone came in ethnic dress. (They invited 150 and 300 showed up! Who ARE all these people?) They moved to San Diego and took a long break from dancing to raise their two sons. They started up dancing again several years ago, getting to where they now take turns with fellow dancers teaching at the San Diego Folk Dance Center. As much as they miss dancing in person, they actually appreciate dancing via Zoom because they get to meet and dance with so many people all over the US and world.

Patti has recently recuperated from Achilles Tendon surgery and if you click the photo above, you'll then see a photo of her Abstract Modern designer cast.