Door County Folk Festival
Theresa Utschig
(Milwaukee, WI)
(Planner, Dance Instructor/Leader, Spotlighters' Union Local #1, Virtual Dance Room Team)

Theresa Utschig fell in love with group dancing while she was a Girl Scout doing line dances at camp every summer since the age of eight. Her father loved to dance, and he taught her all the ballroom dancing he knew; his favorite was the jitterbug, and her folks would be out on the dance floor every chance they could get. As a teenager, Theresa and her buddies danced everywhere they could: 50’s dances, ballroom dances, folk dances. They took ballroom dancing at the YMCA, and got into Greek folk dancing at the church festivals in Milwaukee. Her mom invited her to International Dancing when she was at college (over at Highland Boulevard at the time), and she became hooked on Balkan and other international folk dances on offer on Tuesday nights. Eventually she joined and performed with the Romanians for many years. Theresa spent a lot of time in Europe with people from all over the world, and she was privileged to watch people from many countries perform traditional dances and share their cultural heritage. In England she learned Chantraine Dance of Expression, and also joined an international folk dancing group. Back in Milwaukee she continues to dance with the Milwaukee Tuesday Night Folk Dancers. Theresa learns as she goes, and is now teaching more of what she has learned over the years (with help from the other teachers on Tuesday nights). She hopes to continue dancing for many years. Outside of dance, Theresa Utschig is a musician, artist, spiritual director and hospital chaplain. See for more of her inspirational words and images.