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Fridays – Dance Party 7:30pm-11:00pm-ish Central

(Warmups/Ice Breakers/Music: 7:00pm – Repertoire Workshop: 7:30pm – Dance Party: 8:00pm – Discussion: 11:00pm-ish until …)


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  • Your donations have enabled the Virtual Dance Room to:

    • keep global dance communities connected, active, communicating and vibrant while continuing to maintain a safe social distance
    • relieve the stress of our having to give up an important activity
    • ease the strain of our being socially isolated
  • The Virtual Dance Room provides entertaining, educational, informative, joyous and fun-filled events of dancing, socializing and joining together while we're forced to maintain safe social distances
  • While there is no charge to participate and subscribe, please consider making a generous donation to support VDR sustainability

  • Your donations have helped the Virtual Dance Room in the following areas:

    • Offer Weekly VDR Virtual Friday sessions featuring dance learning opportunities, performances, parties, group discussions, presentations, seminars, dance repertoire workshops
    • Produce a One-day Virtual Door County Folk Fest (DCFF) on July 10, 2020
      • Collaborating with the Argonne International Folk Dancers of (Illinois) and the L.I.F.E. Balkan Dancers (California)
      • Inviting Master Teachers Steve Kotansky (New York), Tom Bozigian and Sheree King (California) to deliver dance workshops
      • Engaging presenters Marvin Mohele (MIssouri) and John Robinson (Maryland) to conduct presentations and discussion groups
      • Providing opportunities for regional group leaders to deliver dance workshops
    • Host Saturday/Sunday Virtual Global Dance After-Parties (beginning in August 2020), recruiting global guest dance leaders and dancers from:
      • North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
      • South America (Argentina, Brazil)
      • Europe (Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Czech Republic)
      • Asia (Japan, Taiwan)
      • Australia
    • Provide training and technical assistance to the Online San Antonio (Texas) Folk Festival in August 2020
    • Provide planning, training, technical and artistic support for the Texa-Kolo Festival (Texas, California) in November 2020
    • Provide planning and technical support for the World Spring Camp (Massachusetts, Illinois) for March 2021
    • Produce "All Live Music Dance Events" for the VDR in November, 2020, January 2021 and February 2021
    • Plan and organize for a Door County Folk Festival (DCFF) activity for July 2021
    • Negotiate with the Color Club, LLC Community Center and Studio (former Chicago Latvian Association Community Center) for studio space
    • Move VDR operations to EDC's Dance Studio space at the Color Club Community Center
    • Upgrade the VDRs Wireless and Wired Internet connections and network hardware to stabilize Zoom performance and reliability
    • Upgrade the VDR computer equipment to provide for more stable Zoom sessions
    • Upgrade to more Robust Zoom Large Group Meeting License to accommodate up to 500 participants
    • Build the VDR website ( that provides participants with access to
      • weekly dance playlists
      • cumulative subscriber lists
      • dance information cue cards
      • links to other virtual dance activities
      • technical support documentation for participants
      • humorous aspects of the Pandemic
      • Other relevant virtual dance information
    • Upgrade the VDR Website to an SSL Certificate that protects sensitive organization and user information
    • Utilizing and upgrading the Constant Contact Online Mailing Service to achieve a better than 50% open rate by:
      • Designing and distributing a professional quality newsletter
      • Maintaining and growing an effective mailing list
    • Administering the MeetingQuality Environmental Health Check Survey that measures how well VDR participants (and other groups' participants) are dealing with social distancing imposed by the global pandemic
    • Applying to the US Internal Revenue Service for status as a Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization


Thank You for Contributing!


Virtual Dance Room - Purpose, Scope, Objectives (PSOs) [Top]

  • Purpose
    • to provide ways to keep global dance communities connected, active, communicating and vibrant while we are maintaining a safe social distance; and
    • to relieve the stress of having to give up an important activity; and
    • to ease the strain of being somewhat isolated
  • Scope
    • limited to forms of ethnic folk dance, contra/square dance, line dance, swing dance, round dance, for recreation and performance; and
    • dance-related satire/comedy, health/wellness/sanity aspects of dance
  • Objectives
    • having fun
    • socializing with others locally, regionally, globally
    • dancing while exercising the body and the mind
    • learning more about dances, teachers, musicians, singers, ethnicities
    • sharing personal stories, videos, photos, etc. about an activity we love
    • celebrating the diversity of a more global audience beyond the boundaries of our local/regional groups by doing dances we have in common
    • offering opportunities to learn/share from a broader spectrum of dances beyond the limits of our local/regional repertoires

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