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Fridays – Dance Party 7:30pm-11:00pm-ish CDT

(Warmups/Ice Breakers: 7:00pm – Repertoire Workshop: 7:30pm – Dance Party: 8:00pm – Discussion: 11:00pm-ish until …)

Yannis Economou Greek Dance Workshops in the VDR

  • Yannis Economou has returned from Greece and we will be getting him to review his Greek Dances in the VDR again in October
  • We will also get Yannis to approve the workshop videos and dance notes we've been working on
  • Those who donated during the Greek Workshops will receive the dance music, videos and dance notes when the materials are complete
    • (possibly before Yannis October sessions)
  • Download Page Links to Greek Dance Workshop materials Will Be Emailed to Donors
  • Yannis Thracian Dances:
    • Zonaradikos #1 (Generic Evros Version)
    • Zonaradikos #2 (Village of Spilaio in Evros)
    • Zonaradikos #3 (Village of Soufli in Evros)
    • Hasapia – (Village of Soufli in Evros)
  • Yannis Island Dances - from Kalymnos:
    • Issos
    • Sousta
    • Karsilamas