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Ivan "John" Filcich Tribute and Birthday Celebration in the VDR

  • Thanks for attending the VDR Session of September 10, 2021 where we were pleased to present a Tribute to Ivan "John" Filcich!
    • Two weeks ago Friday (9/3/2021) Ivan “John” Filcich showed up in the VDR and sent out a chat greeting to everyone, saying that he was happy to see so many people participating and dancing
    • I decided to do 3 dances associated with Ivan as a tribute to his contributions to the IFD (International Folk Dance) movement when the current set was done
    • The following Tuesday (out of the blue) Ivan called me to say how much he appreciated the tribute and we spoke about dance, music and his life experiences for nearly an hour
    • I asked Ivan if he would come back the following Friday (9/10/2021) for a more organized tribute and he agreed to do that
    • I was scheduled to host a dance set that evening so I changed my set to be a more complete tribute to Ivan where we:
      • celebrated his 97th birthday (June 26th)
      • danced a set of eleven (11) of his favorite dances (mostly to Tamburitza music)
        • Kokonjeste Kolo (video of Ivan at Cafe Aman) (Banat Tamburitza Orchestra)
        • Prekid Kolo
        • Long Cacak (Popovich Brothers)
        • Srbijanka (Kraljevo Kolo) (Joe Grcevic)
        • Kostursko Oro
        • Mangupsko Kolo (Banat Tamburitza Orchestra)
        • Kolo U Sest (Mladi Becari)
        • Sarajevka Kolo (Dave Zupkovich)
        • Slavonsko Kolo
        • Rokoko Kolo (Emery Grceni)
        • Veliko Kolo (Banat Tamburitza Orchestra)
      • danced a short set of three (3) of the dances he produced for the 2 Festival Records Greek Albums by Yannis Papaiogannou His Bouzoukee & Orchestra
        • Karagouna
        • Kalamatinos (Samiotisa)
        • Tsamikos (Vohaitopoula)
      • showed a slide presentation (will be posted on the VDR Website)
      • engaged in a post-dance discussion (until 1:30am CDT) about many aspects of his life as an immigrant, railroad worker, dancer, dance instructor, music producer, event impresario, etc.
    • • it was a fun evening