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About Bora Özkök - Detroit Folk Dance Club - by Kathleen Smith

  • Bora Özkök passed away on August 8, 2022 at the age of 78.
    • We remember Bora as a wonderful instructor, dancer, and choreographer. Many of us attended his inspiring workshops, but all of us have enjoyed dancing the dances he taught, including (but not limited to) Agir Govenk, Ali Paşa, Bariş Halay, Bır Mumdur, Esmer, Gün Ola, Güzelleme, Işte Hendek, Karsi Bar, Yaylalar, and Yenı Yol.
    • Bora's Turkish dances, music, and cultural contributions continue to enrich the experience of international folk dancers everywhere. The following article, translated from a Turkish publication, highlights Bora's two passions, sports and folk dance.
    • Our sincere condolences to Bora's friends and family.

National record holder swimmer Bora Özkök passed away - From Elit Haber

  • He played water polo for many years in the Invincible Armada team, captained and coached by legendary athlete Muharrem Gülergin.
    • National record-breaking swimmer Bora Özkök, trained by Adana, passed away in the hotel he owned in Cappadocia.
    • Bora ÖZKÖK, who died at the age of 78, won a swimming scholarship and went to America to study at university.
    • He made Turkish folk dances and folk dances popular in the USA, both in his university and in many other states.
    • Bora Özkök had 2 passions. One was sports and the other was folk dance.
    • Özkök, who learned the dance in detail from the Turkish Folk Dance Ensemble, performed and gave lectures at the San Francisco Kolo Festival during his last years of university in the USA.
    • Bora Özkök was not only an outstanding dancer and an inspiring teacher, but also a talented musician who played musical instruments for the dances he taught. In addition to using various ethnic musical instruments, Turkish zurna), tulum (bagpipe), kaval, drum, saz, clarinet, ney. He knew how to play the harmonica and mandolina.
    • Bora ÖZKÖK returned to Turkey 10 years ago and started hotel management in Cappadocia. He played for many years in the Adana Demirspor Water Polo Team, which was captained and coached by legendary athlete Muharrem Gülergin, who was defeated only once in 18 years and won the title of UNBELIEVABLE ARMADA. He was also very successful in marathon swimming with Erdal Acet, Gürhan Bencan, Ali Şahin Uçan and other swimmers. He was buried in Nevşehir Göreme.

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Bora's Bio:

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Oct 16 (Sun) - 7:00pm-9:30pm CDT (Date Change from October 9th)
  • Special Zoom tribute to Bora Özkök
  • Bora passed away on August 8, 2022 in Göreme, Turkey at the age of 78. He was one of the first persons to introduce Turkish dance and music to recreational folk dancers in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Please join Yves Moreau, Ahmet Lüleci and Melanie Goldberg for this special 90-minute program which will feature a slide show and video clips retracing various aspects of Bora’s career. There will also be special memories and tributes to be shared by special guests.
  • You must register in advance* for this special Bora Özkök Zoom tribute. It is FREE and open to all. Please tell your friends!
  • If you've already registered for the October 9th session, there is no need to register again.
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