Remembrances of
Larry Hoey

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) will be having a memorial service for Larry Hoey on
Sunday, Sept. 10th, 2:00 to 5:00pm at the UWM Hefter Conference Center, 3271 N. Lake Drive.

Following the service, there will is a reservation for about 30-40 people,
at Bodolino's (pizza restaurant across the street from Mitchell Hall, UWM, 3124 N. Downer Ave.

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Larry's Death Memorlal Services
Lawrence R. Hoey Memorial Prize Fund Obituary - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Paul Collins - Chicago, Illinois & 
Steve Salemson - Madison, Wisconsin*
Blythe Olshan Findlay - Westchester, Illinois*
Brian Kennedy - London, England Christine Keller - Milwaukee, Wisconsin*
Laurie Petersen - Milwaukee, Wisconsin* Karen Tutkowski - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pat Mc Farland - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Linda Smith - Ann Arbor Michigan
Charles Schuster - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dennis Rigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jim Karon - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kathy & Ron Fico - Zion, Illinois*
Kay Josten - Waukesha, Wisconsin Nancy Jo Lame - Columbia, Maryland*
Mike Mudrey - Madison, Wisconsin Myra Hirschberg - Brampton, Ontario, Canada*
Julie Feil - Appleton, Wisconsin Kateri Lynn Keller - Mukwanago, Wisconsin
Forrest & Carol Johnson - Big Bend, Wisconsin Paul Wagner & Cindy Schlosser & 
Eau Claire, Wisconsin*
Bill Sasso - Carbondale, Illinois John Kuo - Morton Grove, Illinois
Kathy Gray - Minneapolis, Minnesota Anonymous
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Bruce Emery - Raleigh, North Carolina Michele Denber - Rochester, New York
Patricia Alexander - Cerritos, California Barbara Petzold - Knoxville, Tennessee
David Allen - Marquette, Michigan Margaret Andera - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Mitch Haycock - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Carolyn Keller - Mukwanage, Wisconsin*
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